How to Get Out of Overwhelm and Fall in Love Again

Written by Lisa Zuba

You can fall in love again

You went into it with passion. It was all you could think about. You woke up in the middle of the night with excitement. You couldn’t wait to start again the next day. It put a perpetual smile on your face. Fast forward a year, two years or ten. Passion has turned to a routine […] Read More...

4 Ways to Meet Your Goals and End 2017 on Your Terms.

Written by Lisa Zuba

Does “Back to School” signal “Back to Work” on goals for you? There’s something about this time of year that feels like a renewal. It might be a chill in the air (but not if you live in a place like Arizona). You may be sending your kids back to school — or even to […] Read More...

Process or Perish: It Can Make or Break You

Written by Lisa Zuba

Simple Processes For Clarity & Prosperity Who would have thought a simple hernia operation would have almost killed me? Not me, that’s for sure. But who would have thought my well-respected trauma surgeon would make a life-threatening mistake — on my life — that caused me to have 5 surgeries, a stay in ICU, 4 […] Read More...

How Outsourcing, Delegating, and Hiring Can Double Your Revenue and Save Your Life.

Written by Lisa Zuba

Does this messy desk look familiar? Do you feel as if you are acting as CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO, Administrative Assistant, Shipping Clerk, Social Media Manager, etc….all in the same day? It’s a common problem of entrepreneurs: you do most everything yourself. Here’s what happens: Overwhelm. You feel like you cannot take on one more […] Read More...

I’m All In

Written by Lisa Zuba

I’m all in. That’s my theme for 2017. It means I’m not doing anything halfway. It means I’m not doing things I have no interest in. It means when I say YES I mean it. And, when I say NO, I mean it too. It probably means I say NO more often. Too often we […] Read More...