Lisa Zuba

An entrepreneur since her early 20s, Lisa has created, owned, and managed a variety of businesses.

In 2010, she left private industry and returned to work in the nonprofit sector, specializing in major gifts fundraising.

She has worked for a range of nonprofits both as an employee and consultant and has raised more than $35 million dollars.

As a coach, Lisa helps entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders build better organizations.

She holds a B.S. in Applied Organizational Science and an M.S. in Nonprofit Management & Strategic Fundraising.

Lisa lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, Clay, and their three cats, and four cactus plants.

James Coleman


This is a great book about soliciting and securing donors for your non-profit, but after reading the first chapter, you’ll realize Lisa Kelly’s advice goes beyond fundraising. I appreciated her approach of breaking down the process into a sequence of small, relatable steps with practical exercises. Without jargon or belabored case studies. Along with the details like how, why and when to say no to focus distractors, day-by-day prep guide for the solicitation meeting, or how not to get hung up on “no”, the process this book lays out prepares readers to with knowledge, tools, and confidence to tackle any task or any ask.

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