What you can do to make your 50s, 60s, and beyond fabulous.

“Finish strong,” I’d yell as loud as I could.

Even if I were dog-tired and dragging halfway through the run, I’d scream to the runners in my group, “Finish strong!”

Something about the phrase resonated with me and the other runners. Everyone picked up the pace. Right at the end. Even if we were running up a hill. At the point where our legs felt like lead, we all sped up. Smiles filled our faces. We crossed the finish line and did it by finishing strong.

When I run on my own, I’ll still say to myself, “Finish strong.” No matter how exhausted or hot I am. Even if all my muscles are screaming at each other, even if I walk halfway through the run, I’ll always pick up the pace at the end.

There’s something beautiful about it.

It’s empowering. Finishing strong signifies that I’m here! Not only am I here, I’m here to stay!

It’s been a good ten years since I coached those runners in Austin to compete in a half marathon, but I continue to say it.

It means I’m also ten years older — now in my 60s. My intention is to finish each day strong. I don’t always manage to do so. There are days I feel crummy. But my goal to finish strong is always there.

Dump the anti-aging mindset.

There is enormous pressure on women to look young. To reject growing older. From Botox to face creams and even undergoing a knife to keep faces youthful — it seems there is a message of anti-aging everywhere you turn.

These messages can kill your joy — if you let it.

Growing older is natural. We’re wiser, possibly (hopefully) richer, more self-aware, and have more time. This is when we should enjoy life — not pretend to be something we’re not.

I’m pro-aging. It means I’m alive — and hopefully healthy.

It gets greater later.

— Bevy Smith

Make it the mantra of your 50s, 60s, and beyond.

Say it out loud.

Instead of being afraid of growing older. Be aware.

Say it every day. “Today, I’m going to finish strong!”

It propels you to have a positive mindset. It stops your limiting beliefs.

If you’re going to finish the day strong, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

What Finish Strong means to you.

Now that you’re in your 50s and beyond, it’s time to do what you’ve always wanted. The world is wide open to you.

  • See yourself as a writer and creator building a community on Medium? Then hit that publish button.
  • Been wanting to take your hiking boots out of the closet? This is the time to put them on and go for a long hike.
  • Dreamed of writing a book? Start your outline now.
  • Tired of all the time and money you spend at the salon? Grow out your gray hair today.
  • Sick of putting up with your so-called friend who talks incessantly about herself and never asks how you are doing? Now you can put up boundaries without guilt.
  • Weary of feeling invisible in a group? Now you speak up when you want to.

You’ve earned this.

You put in long hours at your workplace and in your business. You may even have raised a family and have a partner whose needs you always put ahead of yours.

If you’re facing the empty-nest syndrome or are retiring or leaving your workplace, instead of letting the loss of people or place drag you down, allow life’s new adventures to excite you.

Is it scary? Yes, of course, it is. Most major changes carry a degree of fear. But you don’t need to let fear weaken or prevent you from doing what you want.

It’s time for you.

Think of all the times you said, “I don’t have time for so-and-so.” Well, now you do.

Now is the time for you. Midlife and beyond is when you don’t care what others think.

If it makes you happy and makes sense to you, do it.

And make sure you finish strong!


Lisa Zuba

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