How to Get Out of Overwhelm and Fall in Love Again

Written by Lisa Zuba

You can fall in love again

How to get out of overwhelm and fall in love with your business.You went into it with passion. It was all you could think about. You woke up in the middle of the night with excitement. You couldn’t wait to start again the next day. It put a perpetual smile on your face.

Fast forward a year, two years or ten. Passion has turned to a routine and overwhelm with a dollop of dread mixed in from time to time. Even if the money is there, you lost touch with the real reason you created this thing: your business.

You set out to change the world, but mostly what you feel is stuck.

Stuck like you don’t know what to do next. Stuck that the 14-hour days don’t give you the freedom you originally sought after. Stuck that the cash flow cycle is what wakes you up at night now. Stuck that you don’t have a team you can count on.

It happens to business owners and executives running Fortune 500 companies: feeling stuck and overwhelmed. And the thing is no one wants to admit it! People might think you’re weak. Your competitor could sweep in and steal your customers! Someone might try and take your position. All kinds of bad things could happen. Or so we tell ourselves. And we continue along this downward trajectory until the next crisis.

Stuck in overwhelm is no way to live a life or to run a business.

It’s not sustainable, and something is bound to break.

That, unfortunately, is the time when clients come calling. When the pain is too much to bear.

You don’t have to wait until you have a slew of sleepless nights or rush home to that massive goblet(s) of wine just to wind down.

There are things you can do now that can help you fall back in love with your business. Yes, love. Love is a good thing to feel about what you do and what you created.

Your business may have changed 180 degrees from when you began. The market may have changed. That’s a constant. But, I always advise clients to put themselves back in the space when they created their business or started working at their company.

  • How did you feel?
  • What made you excited?
  • What was your vision?
  • What did you want to have happen?
  • What was your purpose?
  • Why did you create your business?

Once you get in touch with the old you, and only then, can you harness the passion and bring it forward to today.

It’s time to go back to the basics. Let go of the negativity that’s permeated your persona, and problem solve for the present. Of course, all of that is easier said than done, right?

OK you can never recapture exactly how you felt at the beginning. But, you can create a new reality for yourself. One that is built upon a foundation of passion and purpose. Start from where you are today.

And, you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, I don’t recommend it. Work with your team, and get a coach. Sure it sounds self-serving, but working with a coach can change your business and your life.

How to get out of overwhelm:

It’s a start. As in any relationship, things change. You have a relationship with your business. And, you can fall in love again.

If you need help with your relationship with your business, contact me. Let’s talk about it. Preferably before you’re stuck.