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It's time to make 2017 the best year ever!

Why Hire A Zuba Academy Coach?

You have this gnawing feeling. It doesn’t go away. Your business is humming along. It’s OK. It’s paying the bills. You know what you need to do to bring up to the next level. Or, at least you think you do. But, you don’t do it.

Stuff gets in the way.

Operations stuff. Talking to prospective clients. Figuring out your next marketing campaign. Doing the actual work your clients pay you for. Pretty soon -- you’ve worked 12 hours today, and you can only account for half of it.

Fear gets in the way.  

Fear can be disguised as busyness. Fear of showing up. Fear of success. Fear of being an imposter. Fear keeps you from doing the things you need to be doing.

What happened to all the hours in the day?

You have many days like that. You’re busy, but you know you’re not accomplishing what you should be. You’re taxed and you’re stressed. And many things are left undone. You’re fearful. You find yourself in overwhelm mode most of the time.

There comes that gnawing feeling in your stomach. Again. And the thought:

this wasn’t what I thought owning my business would be like!

You’ve fallen out of love with your business.

It happens to many business owners. You can go two ways from here.

Make a stand to change. Or, keep on going just as you have been.

You can guess what happens if you don’t change. Your business may carry on, and you can continue to “pay the bills.” But, it doesn’t give you the joy you felt at the beginning. The thrill and enthusiasm of owning your own business is overshadowed by stress.

If you want to bring back the thrill of the early days, then you’re ready to hire a business coach.

If you want to get control over your business, you’re ready to hire a business coach.

If you want to be accountable, you’re ready to hire a business coach.

If you want to meet the goals you set for your business, you’re ready to hire a business coach.

If you want to make more money, have more free time, implement systems to automate, expand your business and love your business, you're ready to hire a business coach!

You know, deep down, you need help.

What If You’re Already the Best? Can a Coach Help You?

Ask Serena Williams or Rafael Nadal if they need their coaches.

You can always build a better business. You can always learn more.

In fact, I don’t know a single business owner that wouldn’t benefit from a coach -- if they’re ready for it.

What Makes Me the Best Coach For You?

First, we establish the chemistry and trust. This is key to the relationship between coach and client. I always have an initial consultation conversation with prospective clients. I learn about your business and where you want to go with it. I’ll ask you about your challenges -- and your successes. I’ll tell you about me and how we would work together.

I practice Co-Active Coaching. In this model, I view my client as naturally creative, resourceful and completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face. My job as a business coach is to ask powerful questions, listen and empower you to elicit the skills and creativity within you. I’m not here to instruct you. It is a participatory and collaborative relationship between me and my client.

If you go into a coaching relationship believing the coach has all the answers, you’ll be disappointed. While I take thoughtful time to prepare for each client session, it is the client who leaves the meeting with work to do.

Of course, I’ll make suggestions as necessary to help you move forward. I’ll also provide you with specialized tools that will help you systematize and streamline your business operations.

Coaching sessions are held via Skype. There are no geographic boundaries. I work with clients all over the world!

It Gets Uncomfortable

Sometimes our discussions can make you feel uncomfortable. You might want to squirm. You might want to end our conversation. But, working through the difficult spots will bring you closer to success.

Judgment-Free Zone

I have no judgment about my clients, except that they’re all exceptional people wanting to create a better business and life. It is my joy and pleasure to create the path and enable someone to transform their business -- and their life!


Everything you say is confidential. It stays that way. Always.

Sometimes I’ll tell stories about clients to illustrate a point. However, the client’s identity is always hidden through changing gender and situation context.

Now is The Time!

You can turn 2017 into your best year ever. There’s still time. Contact me for our consultation conversation.


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